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Join the online community of the University of Waikato and get a first hand account from staff as they share, debate and discuss topical issues. From Cambodia’s water systems to an insightful look at the world of physics, our bloggers offer national and international perspectives on everyday life.


Dr Alison Campbell’s BioBlog provides commentary on scientific topics for secondary school biology teachers.

Aimed at those preparing students for scholarship biology examinations, BioBlog encourages critical thinking and reviews relevant Level 3 curriculum and scholarship scientific papers. It is also an opportunity for readers to ask Dr Campbell questions.

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PlasmaPhysics Stop

Physics Stop provides an understanding for a general audience on exactly what physics is and how it impacts on our world.

Dr Marcus Wilson of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, takes a light-hearted look at everyday physics in the context of our daily lives.

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‘SOBA’ means buckwheat noodle and is an integral part of a common Japanese diet.

Blogger and Japanese lecturer Fumiko Nishimura talks about Japanese language, Japanese culture and her personal cross-cultural observations of Japan and New Zealand.


Picture booksWaikato Picture Book Research Unit blog

The Waikato Picture Book Research Unit (WaiPRU) talks to leading authors and discusses important themes around picture books, like diversity and inclusion.

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