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I’ve set up this blog in response to comments from secondary school biology teachers, especially those preparing students for Scholarship Biology examinations. I hope to use it as a way of encouraging critical thinking, looking at scientific papers that are relevant to the Level 3 curriculum and to Scholarship, and fielding questions that you may come up with.


Why critical thinking? Because the Scholarship standard makes it clear that this is a necessary attribute for a successful student. But also because critical thinking is a necessary skill for all of us. How else can we separate nonsense from sensible statements, recognise the relevance and significance of what we already know, and avoid being bedazzled by all sorts of claims and counterclaims of scientific and technological wizardry? Think of critical thinking as a tool for life.


I intend to publish something here each week – a discussion of a paper, a closer look at some story that’s made news headlines, or an answer to a question. Your feedback and questions are welcome – just use the form provided here. After all, this blog was set up in response to a perceived need, and your input will help it to grow.

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