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On reading Charles Darwin’s blog (yes, really!), I see that the UK government has begun a process of public consultation on science, with the aim of [p]romoting public engagement on increasingly complex science issues and encouraging more people to choose science as a career. Which is an eminently desirable outcome, though how far the consultation process will work towards it will remain to be seen. (I’m somewhat cynical about what is acttually intended by this exercise & – judging by Mr Darwin’s comments thread, I’m in good company.)

But I thought it might be interesting to hear what you think. So (using the wording from the UK site), what are your views on the following?

* How to improve communication, generate interest, increase participation and convey the relevance of science;

* How to build trust and confidence in scientific research in the public and private sectors; and

* How to inspire young people from diverse backgrounds to become tomorrow’s skilled scientists. 

Please write in & share your thoughts. I’m in this business myself & I really, really do want to know!

3 thoughts on “have your say on science”

  • Alison Campbell says:

    But remarkably well-preserved! (The sherry may have something to do with it – he obviously enjoys a glass or two in the evening. One day supplies were a bit low & he offered visitors to the blog a drop of Emma’s laudanum instead!)

  • I’m more a port man myself, but we must forgive these sherry drinkers for their sharper tastes.
    I spent part of my doctoral studies resident in the collge founded on the former residence of Charles Darwin’s grandson, also named Charles Darwin, in Cambridge (Darwin College: http://www.dar.cam.ac.uk/visitors/history.shtml). Hearing the old fellow is alive and well is indeed pleasure, although I cannot recall having seen the gentleman during my residence there.
    Seriously, its an interesting angle to take, the blog of a long-dead scientist! (I really should start one myself one of these days…)

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