2 thoughts on “science – how to tell if you’re doing it wrong”

  • Sounds nice, but is unfortunately wrong.
    Has Einstein stopped in 1904, he would not have made any mistakes, as far as I know. And would still have made huge contributions to science.
    And Einstein opposed Quantum Mechanics all his life. Never accepted that he was mistaken. His challenges to QM were scientifically valuable and have brought the field forward. (He might have been more productive had he accepted QM, but that is beside the point.)

  • Somehow I doubt Einstein just sat down one day and wrote out relativity theory letter-perfect. He messed with it, messed with the math, until it did work.
    And I don’t interpret “accept that you’re mistaken” to necessarily mean coming around to the right belief on every point. It means continuing to consider the fact that you might be wrong, and to entertain new ideas. Everyone is stubbornly wrong about something, but some people seem to be stubbornly wrong almost all the time.

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