darwin, dover, & intelligent design

Following on from the reference to the Dover trial in my last postthis site has a link to the pdf of a review article, which looks at the Dover case & its implications for teaching evolution in the US. It’s an interesting overview of the case & there’s a lot to learn from it, even though we’re not the 53rd state. (Or should that be 52nd?)

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  • I have to admit the size of the video and the work I have to do means I’ll have to give it a miss. (I guess there isn’t a way to download the video itself from YouTube and that you can only play them through their webiste. I can’t see an obvious way to do this, and I can see why they wouldn’t!, but it’s a pity as that I way I could hang onto it for later.)
    I’m probably well behind you (Alison & Ken) in reading on his, but while looking for an alternative to the video, I ran into this interview of Judge Jones in PLoS Genetics: http://www.plosgenetics.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pgen.1000297
    I know an enormous amount has been written about this, but I was nice to hear from the man speaking for himself.
    It strikes me reading this, that the whole Creationist/”Creation Science”/Intelligent Design thing, within the USA at any rate, could be viewed as a legal battle, not a moral one. (I would possibly consider an immoral battle in some ways, but let’s not get side-tracked…) In one reply Judge Jones pretty much says this himself: It was quite clear to me that they viewed intelligent design as a method to get creationism into the public school classroom.

  • Alison Campbell says:

    Double arrrgh! (& it’s not even talk-like-a-pirate-day!). No, I hadn’t seen it; we’ve just got back from a day over at Mt Maungaui & I haven’t even visited Pharyngula.
    The country itself (US) may not be crazy, but some sectors of it do seem to have a fairly tenuous grasp on reality.

  • Maybe this has something to do with having watched Pirates of the Caribbean recently…
    You’re some, some sectors of the USA. My apologies.

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