cafe scientifique for darwin200

This one’s for readers in & around Hamilton – the topic for this month’s Cafe Scientifique will be: Charles Darwin – the man & his science. You’re very welcome to join us & talk about the man who did so much for our understanding of biology.

The Cafes are held at B.B.C. (Bar, Bistro, Cafe), which is in the northern part of Victoria Street – the block north of London Street, & on the same side of the road as Dallas Motors. We kick off at 7.30 with a brief presentation (by yours truly, this time) & then it’s open for discussion. This is ‘science in the pub’, so come along for a drink or a meal to go with the science-y stuff. (No powerpoints allowed!)

Oops – & I forgot the date *blush* – 17th February. (Thanks, Ken!)


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