5 thoughts on “the ‘barrel-eyed’ fish”

  • Anyone using this as a model organism to study brain function by direct (i.e. optical) observation, or are zebrafish or something else more practical?

  • Alison Campbell says:

    I know nozzink!
    But having said that – the logistics of working with a deep-sea organism would probably present major problems; zebra fish are probably more practical all round 🙂

  • all i have to say about this fish is WOW! when i first found out were its eyes realy were, it just bloow my mine. but how the people who are telling us were the eyes are discovered the information is what i would love to know.

  • Alison Campbell says:

    It’s wonderful, isn’t it? I imagine what happened is, that someone’s got their hands on one of these fish (probably from a deep-sea trawl), & thought ‘what a weird fish that is!’ If they were anything like me they’d have dissected their specimen to see what things were like inside. (I do rather enjoy dissections – if you’re learning anatomy then they are essential to discover how an organism’s put together. “Virtual” dissections aren’t the same as you don’t get that feel – literally – for how the body’s structured.)
    And then they’d have written a paper about it all 🙂

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