a good summary on swine flu

The front page of the Herald this morning was pretty much given over to swine flu – how many cases there might be in NZ, various public health concerns, that sort of thing. I thought it was a bit excitable, but still, understandable I guess & hopefully will raise public awareness of some of the issues associated with any potential disease outbreak.

Page 2 has a bit more (well, quite a lot more), including some of the science. One cause for concern with this virus, for example, is the fact that it appears to be a ‘triple reassortant’ – it contains genetic material from pig, bird & human flu viruses, which could mean it’s more virulent than any of those on their own.

But I wanted more. And since this is the internet, I found it. It’s the Aetiology blog, written by an epidemiologist, which has an excellent commentary on some of the key issues relating to this swine flu outbreak. I think I’ll be a regular visitor there.

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