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  • Alison Campbell says:

    I imagine there will be a few reading it who miss the joke. I loved the author’s name.
    Ages ago now, when we lived in PN, we did a lot of practical joking. Well, they were mostly perpetrated by my Significant Other. The best was one Capping Week (back in the days when students took these things Very Seriously). SO worked as a chemist for the City Council, & the local Students Association had sent letters to all the folks in Hokowhitu, telling them there was an outbreak of some horrid tummy bug & please to send samples in to the Council for analysis. Needless to say, some residents did, & the boys in the lab were not impressed & plotted their revenge.
    They wrote to the Students Association, saying basically haha, very funny – but before we realised it was you guys having a little fun we started testing the poo samples. And we found that one resident has something indescribably badly wrong with them (there followed a list of all sorts of fake test results with big long chemical names). Unfortunately (the lab boys continued) we’d binned the sender’s details before realising what the results meant.
    Anyway (they continued), we’ve got a full public health emergency team standing by, & we need your help to identify this person ie we need a list of where you sent your original letters to. Please phone us immediately, this is terribly terribly important. And they signed the letter, Mr E. Orr.
    Off went the letter, & the next day there was a phone call. A trembling voice asked, please could I speak to Mr Orr?
    Cue mass hysteria in the office. The President of the Students Association was not at all impressed 🙂

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