the things people do in the name of science

I’m just catching up with my reading material & ERV has an interesting post up about noroviruses (aka Norwalk virus – you’ll see why it’s called that when you read her post). One of the things she talks about is just how researchers originally got their gloves on the virus & demonstrated that it was implicated in outbreaks of infectious gut disease… (You may prefer to read it before lunch. Or then again, maybe not…)

One thought on “the things people do in the name of science”

  • Number8Dave says:

    Urg. Norovirus. A few years ago I went to an afternoon social occasion with about 23 people present, most of whom brought a contribution towards food. One of our number had a couple of kids who’d just gone down with an as-yet-unidentified stomach bug. They were elsewhere, in bed. Of the 23 people, 18 (including me) were laid low with vile gastrointestinal disturbances within 48 hours. One of the most spectacular infectious events it’s been my misfortune to experience. Oddly enough, it never spread any further – none of the 18 afflicted passed it on to anyone else.

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