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Well, I managed to go just over 2 months without a dog…

Meet Ben 🙂 He’s a 3-month-old miniature poodle – the husband wanted a small (he said, hand-bag sized!), non-shedding female, so we’ve got 2 ticks out of 3! Won’t be going for long walks just yet, but he is so sweet & has a lovely, quiet nature. The cats aren’t too fussed but the rest of us are rapt with our little black fuzzball (even the husband).

Ben 2.JPG

Ben 3.JPG

4 thoughts on “meet ben”

  • He’s gorgeous! You have to bring him in! I grew up with poodles, first toys then minis, and Mum’s current poodle, Kanji, (also a black mini) is now 15. I see him fairly often now I’m back in New Zealand (mum lives in Auckland), but I really miss having a dog around all the time.
    I love the fact that poodles were maligned as poncy and frou-frou for so long, but now that everyone has realised the advantages of having a less-smelly, non-shedding, hypoallergenic, (mostly) intelligent canine, we are seeing the advent of spoodles, labradoodles, roodles etc (I’m waiting for the Old English Sheep Poo!)
    If you ever need a Ben-sitter… 🙂

  • Alison Campbell says:

    He is cute, isn’t he? I never really thought I’d like a smaller dog (not that Bella was a big lab), but when I saw Ben it was like, you’re the one! He’s got a bit of an upset tummy at the moment so we’re keeping a close eye on him; he’s so small I think he could get quite sick quite quickly if things go through his system too fast.
    The cats are seriously annoyed. Can’t see why they’re worrying about it as they’re all at least Ben’s size & in fact 2 of them are easily twice his size! But they all adjusted to Bella, so we just need a bit of time 🙂
    Might well take you up on the Ben-sitter offer some time!

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