an update on xenotransplantation

This one’s really for those teachers who might be thinking of getting their year 13 students to look into xenotransplantation. I’ve written a bit about this previously, but you might also be interested in the following, from the Science Media Centre:

Animal-human transplants OKed
Auckland-based Pig cell therapy pioneer Living Cell Technologies looks set to expand its trials across the Tasman in the near future, following a move by the Australian Government to lift a ban on animal to human tissue transplants.

LCT’s Professor Bob Elliot told NZPA last night that "…some trials of its implants for type-1 diabetics may be tested in Australia when the company needs multi-site clinical trials. And eventually, the company might establish a quarantine colony of the pigs it breeds to slaughter for tissues that can be implanted in human patients."

The AusSMC wrapped up reaction from scientists in Australia to the news of the five year ban being lifted.

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