some interesting links to follow

Casting around for something to read, I’ve come across several interesting posts on various blogs. So I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

For those interested in competition & its effects on plant growth forms & also plant diversity, check out Taking below-ground processes seriously: plant coexistence and soil depth at The EEB & flow. We do tend to focus on ‘above-ground’ plant relationships – this is a timely reminder that there’s a whole other world beneath our feet 🙂

Our family is occasionally lucky enough to have a fishing friend present us with a crayfish. A live crayfish. I hate the way they try to climb out of the stockpot when they’re put in there – but is there a better way to kill a crustacean than by boiling it? The Neuro Dojo has a look at some recent research & says, mmm, perhaps not…

And for those of you interested in endosymbiosis, the Lab Rat talks about some recent genomic research into the question of just where did plastids come from.

That should keep you quiet for a little while 🙂

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