$60 a time

In the Dean’s office we’ve spent the last few weeks working on enrolments. As always, there’ve been students who – for whatever reason – haven’t met our re-entry requirements, & so the registrar & I have to interview them before admission. And as always, there’s a subgroup of those students who attribute their poor results last year to having too active a social life…

funny graphs and charts

OK, so far no-one’s mentioned s*x, but a busy social life certainly can certainly have an impact on study – less time for homework, & if you have a few too many late nights you’ll probably end up sleeping too long & missing lectures. (And as I think I’ve said before, your university lecturers probably won’t nag you about it – & the office certainly won’t phone home!)

One rueful young man told me he wouldn’t be missing classes again. “I’ve worked it out,” he said; “you’re paying about $60 a lecture in fees & that’s a lot of money to throw away.” Now, that puts it in perspective! And someone I don’t think he’ll be back in my office for this again 🙂