what’s your ‘risk intelligence quotient’?

‘Risk intelligence quotient’ (RQ) – something I’d heard about but never really thought about until I read one of PZ’s posts today. (Where on earth does he find the time to write so much???) Turns out that RQ is the subject of a private research project that hopes to assess levels of risk intelligence in the general population.

Risk intelligence quotient is described by the project’s authors as a measure of a person’s ability to estimate probabilities accurately – those with a high RQ are better at this task. (They comment that high RQ seems to have been low or missing in action in many lenders & borrowers on the world financial stage in recent times – how true!)

Anyway, they offer a test that you can take to get an estimate of your own RQ. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answer to some of the questions (I will confess that I didn’t know many of them, myself). What you’re asked to do is give an indication of how certain you are that a given statement is true or false. Takes about 5 minutes to complete & you can then decide whether you want your answers to become part of the larger data set.

I can be fairly sure that my RQ is 73… what’s yours?


PS yes, there are some ambiguous questions there & it’s definitely US-centric – but those were the ones where I was most likely to pick 50% & cover all my bases that way!

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