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This is really an advertorial, I guess 🙂 But Marcus, Fabiana & I have got together to set up a blog for talking about teaching, called – fairly predictably I guess! – Talking Teaching. So for those of my readers who are teachers (secondary, tertiary, whatever) – please feel free to join us there. We’re hoping to get some interesting discussions going, & maybe some sort of on-line teaching community. To give you a bit of background, so you can see where we’re coming from – I’ve got a Trained Teacher Certificate (which has since been eclipsed by the Dip.Tching I think) & both Marcus & Fabiana are working towards a tertiary teaching qualification, & we’re all university lecturers. And science bloggers as well 🙂

So maybe we’ll see you there some time soon?

4 thoughts on “a blog for talking teaching”

  • Alison Campbell says:

    One of those security things, I think – it avoids the various webcrawler bots that come by.
    Glad you like the posts so far – please do feel free to log in & join in the comments. (There are a range of log-in options so you don’t have to be a wordpress person to take part – I log in to other WP blogs as an individual.)

  • Alison Campbell says:

    Funnily enough I went to an excellent seminar last week where something similar was invoked. The speaker had developed (as part of their PhD research) a classroom model for getting students to think critically about controversial issues.
    Not quite the same, though, & I have to admit that the phrase ‘post-normal science’ is not one I’d encountered before, (Readers: google the phrase.) If you’re keen to start a discussion on it, would you cross over to the Talking Teaching blog & kick things off there? I can set up a post for that.

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