best billboard ever?

A few posts ago I wrote something about ‘research’ into psychic phenomena, & why it was bad science. Now Orac has posted a sign that says it all:

 This highlights something that has always puzzled me about the claims made by various psychic practitioners, regarding their abilty to predict future events. Surely they’d have known?

(I am equally bemused by claims – such as those by the psychics involved in the Scole experiment – that it’s possible to speak to the dead. If it is, then why don’t the dead ever seem to say anything useful? Where the will is hidden, perhaps. Or that diamond ring that was lost? Or – in the case of claims to solve murders – surely they could give accurate information on where the body is, or whodunnit?? Is that too much to ask?)

One thought on “best billboard ever?”

  • The only episode of Sensing Murder I ever watched, the so-called psychic pinpointed where the body had been disposed of – at the bottom of an illegal rubbish tip beside the 309 Rd in the Coromandel. It showed the tip and everything. But they didn’t do the obvious thing and get in a digger to look for human remains. Kind of showed how much faith the show’s producers have in the reliability of these messages from the other side.

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