sunday snippets

The need (not urge, need!) to do housework finally caught up with me this weekend, & now that’s over I really need to do some final preparation for my classes tomorrow. So here are a few snippets to tide you over…

I drive a white car; have done for a long time & several vehicle replacements. And doing an idle count in the supermarket parking lot, so do quite a few other people. So of course I was interested in a post in the Boston Globe, that wonders why white is such a popular colour for cars.

There’s an on-going thread on vaccination over at SciblogsNZ that’s generating a bit of heat at the moment. To add to your understanding of how the immune system works, you shouldn’t go past a post by James Byrne at Disease of the week: there’s also a powerfully written open letter to anti-vaccinationists on the same website.

I realised after I posted my last little list of fun things to read that ‘beer’ had cropped up in more than one of those lists. This was of course purely for the science, & in the same spirit I offer a post at EcoTone entitled ‘Spontaneous fermentation’, on the role of microbes in this frothy beverage. (And as a non-science-y counter to that, one way to make fried beer, courtesy of Rebecca Watson on Skepchic.)

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