a novel take on a fairy tale

Well, it’s Sunday, & time for something different. Very different…

… a novel take on Little Red Riding Hood – found via Graph Jam. Sort of science-y in a fun sort of way, in its use of graphics & cutaway diagrams. I’m always filled with admiration for the clever folks who have the skills & imagination to do this stuff.

But I still felt a bit sorry for the wolf. (Although the Pratchett version, in Witches Abroad, is an altogether more pathetic figure).


6 thoughts on “a novel take on a fairy tale”

  • Aha! You are a fellow Pratchett fan then? One of my class mates was giving a speech on the platypus, and I was looking in vain for another soul who was aware that the platypus was in fact invented by a group of inept wizards with the pencil-of-life, trying to draw a duck. Alas, they all looked at me like I was mad, which is possibly true but was not the point!

  • Alison Campbell says:

    Oh yes, I love Pratchett’s work. Though Rincewind is definitely not my favourite character! I much prefer Death, Sam Vimes, & Granny Weatherwax 🙂

  • Renee, wish I’d remembered that (I’m a Pratchett fan too) when I was writing my recent platypus article! Next time, maybe…
    Death is a great character. Just discovered he even has his own wikipedia page 🙂

  • I came out as Death’s grand-daughter — that’s who you should be! — despite saying I’m male. Whatever. Good character for all that.
    (As a red-head I suppose I ought to be Capt. Carrot. Swop places?)

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