sounds of biology

I rather like the way music & science seem to come together quite often these days 🙂

That thought bubbled to the top after I ran a pre-exam tutorial for my first-year bio students. After a couple of hours we’d all pretty much run out of oomph, so I thought that a bit of light relief might be a fun way to unwind & finish off. So I shared the glucose song – very apt, given that we’d just been talking about how insulin controls glucose uptake at the cellular level. (Plus it’s such a catchy song – I always have to resist the urge to dance along!)



Of course, if you go looking, there’s more. There’s the genes rap:



There’s this one on DNA replication & protein synthesis (superficial overview but a catchy beat!):



And to finish off with: many of you will be familiar with the PCR song – I’ve mentioned it before but it’s great fun & worth another look 🙂



OK, they may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But my students enjoyed them – & thought them fun aides-memoires (oh, alright, they didn’t actually say that! but the intention was there) for some of the serious concepts that they need to understand and remember.

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