something old & something new

Due to popular request (oh, all right, one of my colleagues asked), I thought I’d upload some pictures of the old & new fishponds. Meant to do it when I first wrote about the Great Goldfish Shift but for some reason our VPN server kept cutting me off when I tried to upload the images, & then other things cropped up…

So here’s what the ‘old’ ponds looked like when they first went in, back in 2005 (this is the ‘upper’ pond:

upper pond.jpg


And here’s one of the ponds once everything was growing nicely (including the fish population):

upper pond II.JPG


The ‘new’ pond has a way to go to reach this state…

new fishpond 1.JPG


… but the fish have slowed down on their consumption of pondweed. Now they all turn up with their mouths open at feeding time, prior to acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy 🙂

We still have to work on getting the plants properly established, though. Please don’t laugh at the soap rack – it was the best we could think of! In the ‘old’ pond there were stepped areas for some of the emergent vegetation to grow in, but that’s not really an option with a bath 🙂

new fishpond 3.JPG

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