science education for the 21st century – an update

 For those keen on attending (via the KAREN network or another provider) next week’s launch of Looking ahead: science education for the 21st century, here are the latest details on where & how to join the ‘virtual’ audience:

 Teachers can participate in the seminar in three ways.

    1. Via Satellite Television, combined with the livechat which requires only minimal broadband width.
    2. Via high speed internet webcast and livechat using either the KAREN Network or National Education Network. If you are on an alternative high speed internet provider, please click here for more information. You can also download a technology information sheet (468 kb).
    3. By participating at a number of schools and universities throughout New Zealand that have offered to be regional venues for the event.
→ List of host sites ←
(Excel, 46 kb, last updated 31 March 2011, 8.05 am)
Note: This list will be updated daily or more frequently. Please check back again for additional host sites. Sites may be directly contacted for further information on how to participate.

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