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On Saturday I’m winging off to Taipei as an ‘observer’ attached to New Zealand’s International Biology Olympiad team. The idea is that I find out as much as I can about how the event is run, before coming back & getting our own coordinating group into gear for the 2014 event. (I am ever so slightly alarmed that I will be leading this, along with the Chair of NZIBO, Dr Angela Sharples.) Because I’ll be away for the start of the B semester I’ve been really really busy with sorting out things relating to my B semester paper, finishing marking, writing conferences presentations, etc, etc – no time to blog 🙁

But because I don’t want to leave a big gap, I’m going to schedule a blast from the past: re-runs of selected posts from a year or three back. As many year 13 students are probably at the point of seriously considering the Scholarship exams, quite a few of these repeats will probably have that focus.

And if I get the chance, I’ll try to post something from Taipei. Where apparently the daytime temperatures are up in the low 30s… (it’ll be hard, but I’ll manage!)

2 thoughts on “interruption to normal service”

  • Alison Campbell says:

    This will be a leetle problematic as I’m flying out ahead of the prize-giving ceremony in order to clock in to Biolive 2011 in Auckland. But I’ll post something as soon as I know the results.
    Any posts from Taipei will be of the self-indulgent touristy variety 🙂

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