every major’s terrible (apologies to gilbert & sullivan)

I have spent a lot of time lately advising students on their programs of study. (This is one of the reasons my blogging has been sparse of late: I have been filling in while we are ‘between’ registrars & as a result have almost nil ‘spare’ time.) One of the things we often talk about is which major(s) a student should study, where a ‘major’ is the subject that they will devote most time to over the second & third years of their degree.

This is an important decision for first-year students as it pretty much determines how they’re going to spend much of their study time in the ensuing years, and so we take quite a bit of time to talk about the various options, and I often find myself asking ‘where do you see yourself in in 5 years’ time? It’s serious stuff as you don’t want to get it wrong, and sometimes I encounter someone who is just a bit confused by the various majors on offer & how they’re structured – but happily I have yet to meet anyone with the views parodied by the good folks at xkcd 🙂 (Thanks to my friends at Number8Network for passing this on, and yes – someone has already had a go at singing it!)

Every Major's Terrible

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