the worst use for mms yet?

 I’ve written before about the so-called ‘Miracle Mineral Supplement’, or MMS: a substance that is no more, & no less, than industrial bleach. Regardless of its actual nature, MMS continues to be touted as a panacea for just about every ill known to mankind. The other day Orac posted a piece on MMS, & so I settled down to read the anticipated lengthy article full of Respectful Insolence (TM). The story he told saddened, angered, & horrified me (in roughly equal measures.

Why? Because it turns out that there are people who tout MMS – remember, we are talking bleach here – as a ‘cure’ for autism. And others who use it for that purpose. They deliver it in drinks, & via enemas. Frequent enemas: 500mL water + 10-15 drops of 28% sodium chlorite, administered into & left in the colon for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week . I can (sort of) understand consenting adults using the stuff, although I would regard them as being ill-informed – but to force it on children simply beggars belief.

‘Appalling’ is probably too mild a term to use…

2 thoughts on “the worst use for mms yet?”

  • Yet I can pour industrial strength Chlorine dioxide solution on my skin and get no reaction. “Uneventful” is probably too mild a term to use. But I guess people who have a degree or something have more insight than a person who can experiment with the stuff… and can make judgments without investigation!

  • Alison Campbell says:

    I’m surprised you get ‘no reaction’ given the warnings associated with using the stuff – and I sincerely hope you haven’t tried drinking it.

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