a letter from exotic places

 Once again my good intentions to get back into a more regular blogging cycle have been stymied – although this time the reasons are all good.

For I am in Singapore, at the 2012 International Biology Olympiad. Fifty-nine different countries have sent students to compete in this prestigious competition, supported by senior academics & teachers. Having met a fair number of them during today’s opening ceremony (attended by the President of Singapore) & the subsequent luncheon, I can say that it’s a real privilege to work with the world’s best biology students – who are going to become tomorrow’s leaders in the field.

It was also quite inspirational to hear the extremely high value that Singapore places on its people’s education. As the host for the ceremonies remarked, "we don’t have much in the way of natural resources, but we do have our people’ – & with those people this small island state has made itself an intellectual & economic powerhouse. And a generous & welcoming host for this year’s Olympiad. 

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