‘a newly discovered species of little people’

When the news first came out that Prof Mike Morwood & Thomas Sutikna were going to be giving a public lecture about Homo floresiensis, I was first excited & then seriously annoyed: yay! great topic, but rats! can’t get down to it.

So I was absolutely delighted to see the following in this week’s Royal Society news alerts. I get to hear it after all 🙂 (And many thanks to David Bibby!)


8. Virtual event: ‘A newly discovered species of Little People’, 1 December

Note: Thanks to Professor David Bibby, Dean of Science, Victoria University of Wellington, this event will now be live streamed: https://new.livestream.com/i-filmscience/homofloresiensisDec2012

Coinciding with the celebrations centred around the much anticipated World Premiere of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit film, you are invited to attend a free public lecture on Homo floresiensis – a new human species discovered in 2003 on the Indonesian Island of Flores.  This new species is commonly referred to as the “Hobbit” – since it stood just over 1 m tall, had large feet and was capable of undertaking quite complex activities.

Two of the principal archaeologists involved in this remarkable discovery — Professor Mike Morwood (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Thomas Sutikna (Pusat Arkeologi Nasional, Indonesia) — will talk about the Hobbit’s discovery as well as ongoing excavations that seek to better understand this new and unique species of human. 

This event is generously sponsored and supported by Victoria University of Wellington, Te Papa, Wellington City Council, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and the NZ-Indonesian Friendship Council.

Details: 3 pm Saturday, 1 December, free public presentation & exhibition, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa.

Bookings are essential.  RSVP by emailing rsvp@vuw.ac.nz with ‘Little People’ in the subject line or call 04 472 1000.

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