cyclists = road vermin? quit the hyperbole, mr ware

It appears that Wellington businessman David Ware has a thing about cyclists: he has described them as "road vermin", "roadkill", and "weasels in lycra". He is entitled to his opinion, but this is completely over the top. In fact, I have news for you, Mr Ware.

Yes, there are cyclists who demonstrate poor judgement & poor behaviour on the road. Failing to indicate, going through stop signs, that sort of thing. Funnily enough, I’ve seen the same in some car drivers. Stupidity, thoughtlessness, carelessness – yes! in all parties, on two wheels, and on four. And education for both groups is definitely needed. (The potential for damage to others, however, is far greater when such poor driving is perpetrated by those in motorised transport.)

And despite your claims that cyclists don’t pay road taxes, many (perhaps a majority of adult cyclists?) also own cars & hence pay said taxes. They also subject the roading infrastructure to considerably less wear & tear than motor vehicles do.

Unfortunately I fear that you are not alone in your attitude to those with whom you share the road, & who have both a right and a requirement to be on it. (Cyclists aren’t supposed to be on the pavement – apart from dedicated shared spaces – although it would be a darn sight safer there in some cases.) Coming to work this morning I entered a roundabout, clearly signalling my intent to turn right. I wear high-visibility gear, my lights work, and the intersection was clear ahead when I entered it. This didn’t stop a woman in a van from speeding into the roundabout ahead of me, from the left; she had no intention of stopping & the only things that saved me a trip to A & E (or worse) were my reflexes & brakes. 

What’s your take on that, Mr Ware?

One thought on “cyclists = road vermin? quit the hyperbole, mr ware”

  • herr doktor bimler says:

    he has described them as “road vermin”, “roadkill”, and “weasels in lycra”
    Would he prefer people to be riding bicycles and taking up a little slice of his road, or driving cars and taking up a much larger slice of his road?
    The man’s views seem to be driven by his issues rather than by any sense of enlightened self-interest.

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