mms – the woo-filled gift that keeps on giving

I've written before about the so-called 'miracle mineral solution', aka MMS (here, for example), but I see that it's hit the news again recently.

MMS is essentially bleach1, but one Jim Humble has made quite a little empire (and a 'church') out of selling the stuff, and has previously claimed that it's a preventative & cure-all for just about anything that might ail you – including malaria, cancer, and HIV. (It isn't, and it won't: the proposed mode of action is preposterous.) While Humble has recently distanced himself from those claims, it appears that one of his church's archbishops continues to promote them. The associated fevers and gastro-intestinal upsets associated with ingesting a bleach solution? Simply a sign that the 'treatment' is doing its job. /<snark>

Now, if adults choose to 'treat' themselves thusly, then that's their decision. However, MMS has also been promoted in some quarters as a 'cure' for autism, with parents advised to administer MMS to their autistic children multiple times over a period of 72 hours – alongside thrice-weekly enemas2 of the stuff. The proponents of this activity claim that autism is due to parasite infection, and that the evidence lies in the dead parasites that can be seen in the poor kids' bowel movements. I say 'poor kids', because what those ropey strings of membranous stuff actually are, is the mucosal lining of the intestines themselves.

I can think of two words that apply here; 'treatment' & 'cure' are not those words.

Over at Respectful Insolence, Orac has once more picked up on this story following a news segment about Humble & his so-called church, and handled it in his inimitable way.

1 MMS is a solution of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. When this is is added to water containing citric acid (or some other acid), it generates chlorine dioxide ie a bleach. 

2 500mL water + 10-15 drops of MMS, administered and left in the colon for 20-30 minutes

5 thoughts on “mms – the woo-filled gift that keeps on giving”

  • herr doktor bimler says:

    The “church” part of the scam seems to be modelled after the pyramid-scheme aspect of Scientology (pay enough money to the people above you, eventually become a Bishop and start extracting money from other people in turn) — though with the added feature of self-poisoning.

    • It amazes me how people can just dismiss some thing that obviously has worked for many people. You want to dismiss it because you have bought into the idea of Western medicine, treating 1 million different diseases. But if you take the time to do some research before slandering a perfectly good product, you might find that the majority is not all disease is caused by parasites why is it, do you think that an anti-parasitic protects and treats people with COVID-19? Now that Shirley doesn’t make sense but it’s true, but it does make sense if it’s a parasite. Why do people with cancer find cures in and in anti-parasitic‘s? I’ll tell you why because all those little white spots that show up on your x-ray when you have cancer or cyst full of parasitic eggs. But your people will continue taking your poisonous chemotherapy and taking mystery injections that have no resemblance to a vaccine and slander. Anything that comes along the way that doesn’t fit into your narrow and misinformed view of medicine.

      • There’s no slander in the truth.

        Here’s another truth for you: people with covid-19 & cancer aren’t “cured and protected” by anti-parasitic drugs. There is no good-quality evidence to support that.

        Cancer is confirmed on biopsy.

        Oh, & a 3rd truth: you’ve been lied to.

  • Yes MMS works 100%. If is not pseudoscience there is blood work done showing before and after taking it .
    Think of it this way if you disinfect the water with it then you drink the water.

    • If there’s blood work done showing that MMS acts as claimed then I’m sure that you can provide that evidence.

      Your analogy is false; all drinking MMS will do is damage your gut lining.

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