Lousy rotten internet

A few people have expressed surprise when they’ve learnt that that the university doesn’t block access to websites like YouTube and Twitter. I mean, how many hours are wasted by employees gazing at silly video clips of buildings being blown up in Turkey rather than concentrating on their work?

But there is a good reason to look at YouTube – there is some really good stuff on it, if you are a teacher. All those experiments that you’d like to demonstrate to your class, but are a bit too expensive / difficult / time-consuming to set up – someone is bound to have done it, filmed it, and posted it on YouTube. There are some great educational animations on there too.

Yesterday morning I had a look for one particular experiment. I typed in the words to describe it – accurate, descriptive, physics words, and what I got was a long string of videos of – well, let’s just say it wasn’t quite what I expected. The trouble is, all the physics words to describe this experiment (and I am NOT telling which one, for obvious reasons) have other connotations, which I didn’t think about before typing them in. It took several minutes of pondering before I worked out a string of words that would give me what I wanted. And I’ve got a really great video as a result.

Lousy rotten internet.

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