What has log of -1 to do with a blog?

OK, following from my ability to break web-applications (it’s not the first time I’ve done it – a couple of years ago I managed to break one of our staff-only applications on our website – about 30 seconds later I got a call saying "we don’t know what you’ve done but you weren’t supposed to be able to do it…") you may be wondering what has the log of -1 to do with my blog, apart from both having the letters ‘log’ in them?

It’s the tag cloud – the bit on the top right of the screen with the ‘tags’ (topic) I’ve written about. I’m told that the size of the tag relates logarithmically to the number of entries using it. Somehow, I managed to create a tag with minus one entries (maybe I deleted a tag that didn’t exist, or something like it) and so the software tried to create a tag with a complex size. No wonder it didn’t succeed.

Anyway, sorry to those of you who had trouble looking at this blog this week. I’m off to the rugby in Hamilton tomorrow and will return next week with lots of rugby-physics to talk about (but only if New Zealand win – go the All Blacks).

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