How to get publicity

For those of you wondering (and several have asked) how I managed to get a third of a page in the main section of last Sunday’s Sunday Star Times, the answer is simple.  Tell the press about whatever story you want them to know about.  Some journalists can be pretty good at digging up stories, but it helps them no end if you give them one, rather than hoping that they find it.  So, whatever you want to publicise, go and tell the media about it.

(The article, thankfully minus the photos, is available on, click here.) The cafe scientifique in question went really well – Alison Campbell and I did a session on some of those bizarre science stories that crop up from time to time. We didn’t get onto the zombies, but, in case you didn’t know, or need a reminder, that was one of the more ‘interesting’ bits of scientific research published this year – click on the link. And as for the fruit bats, Alison handled it very well indeed.


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