Mid-semester break

I’ll be flitting off around the globe for much of the mid-semester break (well, away from the university, anyway), so blogging will be a bit light for the next two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Mid-semester break”

  • Thulani Nyathi says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Your article makes nice reading but however, I am afraid its way off the mark. You seem to narrowly target one professional group in the healthcare system, which I think is unfair. Healthcare systems can not be stuck in the “dark ages”, technology has to be embraced just like in any other industry. Physicists have over the years defied the giant leaps in technology and continued to monitor, test,evaluate and QA these technology for effective and safe treatment of patients. With this high tech environment, medical physicists are needed more than ever. Professional medical physicists have become the gatekeepers for safe practice. The long and short of it is professional medical physicists are WORTH the cost.

  • Marcus Wilson says:

    Indeed. Think of the article as me playing devil’s advocate. A worthwhile profession should have good responses to questions like these, and you’ve outlined some excellent ones.

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