Don’t try this one at home

I did an experiment last night on measuring the elastic constraint forces on light rigid bodies under extreme displacements. Or, in English, I tripped in the garden and stretched various ligaments in my right foot in ways in which they aren’t supposed to be stretched.  Ouch.

I couldn’t put any weight on the foot at all this morning, so had to use a chair as a walking frame and come downstairs on my bum. There’s a lot to be said for one storey houses!

The X-rays show nothing is broken (though the doctor did find some evidence of a previous fracture that I didn’t know I’d had!) but that doesn’t stop it being very painful. Like with most stretchy things, there’s a limit to a ligament’s stretchability and I think I found it. Nothing that a course of leaches, some hot rocks or a dose of heavily diluted water can’t solve, though 😉





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