Some good news

One of the strange things about blogging is that you are carrying out a (usually) one-way conversation with unknown people. Now, I know there are several people who read this blog regularly who will comment regularly, and although I have never met many of them I feel I am ‘getting to know them’. I also know there must be many people who read the blog regularly and don’t comment at all – or very sparingly. It was very curious to meet a couple at the NZ Institute of Physics conference last year – they read my name tag and instantly knew who I was, and let me know that they are PhysicsStop followers, though I didn’t know them from Adam.   It was hard to know how to react!

So, then, its kind of strange to put this on a blog, but for those who don’t know, the next big event in my life is penciled-in for the third week in June, when I become a father for the first time. Very exciting stuff, and I’m sure the child will be a source of great blog-fodder in the years to come (and a source of other stuff too, some no-doubt pretty yukky), as he or she develops into a physicist. (I wish.) I guess my entry-rate might take a dip about then (or maybe it will rise!) – but you’ll know why.




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