Time well spent?

It’s the start of the A-semester today – along with getting those lectures going its time to review what I’ve spent my time on in the previous twelve months.

I keep a record of where I spend my time – e.g. teaching what papers, doing what research, carrying out what talks for schools or attending health and safety meetings, or whatever. I’ve lumped this into ‘teaching’, ‘research’, and ‘other’ for easy viewing.

So, here’s what’s happened in the last four years (‘year’ here means from the start of A-semester to the start of the next A-semester.) I’ll let the graph speak for itself, and add no further comment other than the University of Waikato would like its academic staff on average to spend 40%, 40% and 20% of their time on ‘teaching’, ‘research’, and ‘other’ activities respectively.


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