Happy Christmas

Blogging has ground to a halt in recent days, as I try to get other things done, such as research proposals, reviewing a PhD thesis, supervising a summer student, and attending numerous parties. I’m off on holidays very soon, but will be back early January.

I’m currently grappling with an ever increasing parameter space in one of our computer models. These parameters are for things associated with various neural processes – such as how quickly does release of a particular neurotransmitter occur, and under what conditions? There are a lot of things we need to know, but in some cases they haven’t been measured very well.

The solution is easy. Consult some friendly experimental neuroscientists. Which we did last week. But that didn’t help, because they didn’t know either. In fact, it made it worse, because they drew our attention to another raft of things that we should be considering, but didn’t have much data on either. Indeed, they looked to us to help reduce their parameter space through our modelling.

I get the impression that there is very little known at the cross-over between physics and neurophysiology. A good reason to study it, then.

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