Where Western Australia’s money comes from

As if you didn't know already, digging holes is important in Western Australia. And there is a LOT of Western Australia to dig holes in.

Sitting in a park in the centre of Perth is a great collection of stuff that comes out of these holes – the 'Ore Obelisk'. It's a great idea – a geological museum on an impressive scale.



Apoogies for the shoddy mobile-phone camera work. I should really have increased the exposure when taking into the light.

But it's not just those minerals. Witness the 'Synergy Parkland' (yes, I will name and shame one of Perth's largest power companies) in King's Park. There's a lovely children's playground there, sponsored by Synergy, complete with imitation lycopod trees made out of various bits from the electrical generation industry. A great bit of artwork, it has to be said. The explanation says it all. After describing the prehistoric lycopods, the education board says "…and these trees now help us by providing us with coal for power"  (or something like that). How lovely to be educating our children to dig up more black stuff and turn it into carbon dioxide.

P.S. Going back to my last post, February 9th reached a maximum of 17 Celsius, with 112 mm of rain. (That is one hundred and twelve, not eleven point two). This is a Perth February day, remember.  Normal service has now been resumed.


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