The Gallagher Great Race Rowing Festival this Sunday!


As you know, Hamilton is famous for having the beautiful Waikato River in the middle of town and this region has produced all sorts of famous rowers. Aaaaaand, one of our exciting annual events, the Gallagher Great Race will be held here, in Hamilton this Sunday, the 27th of September 2009.


レースは日曜日[にちようび]ですが、土曜日[どようび]にもイベントがあります。その1つは「楽[たの]しく走[はし]って、歩[ある]いて!」。参加[さんか][]は(sanka means participation and hi means fees)10ドルで、美[うつく]しいワイカト川[がわ]に沿[]った道[みち]がコースになっています。以下[いか]に、ワイカト大学[だいがく]イベントカレンダーからのコピーをのせます。もっと詳[くわ]しいことが知[]りたい人は、グレート・レースのサイトにアクセスしてくださいね。
The race itself will be held on Sunday, but there are some other events scheduled for Saturday as well. One of them is Fun Run & Walk. Entry fees is just $10 and people can run, jog, or walk along side of the magnificent river. It should be fun!
Here is the brief summary of the race copied from Waikato Events Calendar. If you want to know more details, please access to this site.
******Gallagher Great Race******

Date: Sunday 27 September 2009
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Grantham Street, Hamilton

Live rowing action, entertainment and free family fun make the Gallagher Great Race Rowing Festival a day for the whole family to enjoy. Get down to the Ferry Bank Landing on Grantham St to support the University of Waikato women’s and men’s rowing eights as they take on international competition.

The 2009 Gallagher Great Race will see Oxford University return for their second attempt at claiming the Harry Mahon Trophy from the University of Waikato Men’s eight.

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