“Visit Japan Year 2010”

今年、日本へ行きましょう!! 2010 is the year to visit JAPAN!!

I just happened to find the following information:

"The Japanese government has designated 2010 the "Visit Japan Year" and as part of special promotions lots of great prizes are being given away. There also will be heaps of events held in Japan in 2010. That’s right, there is more to Japan than temples and shrines. From outdoor sporting adventures, and cultural and historical encounters to eating and drinking, a myriad of experiences await you in Japan. The best part is that it is all very affordable!" cited from http://www.jnto.org.au/2010/

JNTO stands for Japan National Tourism Organization. Its Sydney office also has a website, which can be found at http://www.jnto.org.au/ Both sites give ample exiting information about Japan ALL in ENGLISH!

Please check these out and then you will feel like going to Japan this year!!


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