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I read an article on Asahi Shimbun Newspaper about an umbrella speciality shop.

面白[おもしろ]いなあと思[おも]ったのが、ペットアンブレラ。日本語[にほんご]がよくわからない人[ひと]もぜひ、このページを見[]てください。記事[きじ]の左側[ひだりがわ] (= the left side)真[]ん中[なか]に変[へん]な形[かたち]の傘[かさ]の写真[しゃしん]があります。これがペットアンブレラです。 

これって便利[べんり]なんでしょうか。ずっと持[]ち続[つづ]けると、腕[うで] (= arm)が痛[いた]くなるような気[]がしますが…。
The page shows several photos of its products. An interesting one, I thought, was so-called pet-umbrella. Please have a look this page even if you do not understand Japanese language. In a sort of the middle on the left side, you can see a strange-looking umbrella – this is the pet umbrella.
Is this useful? If you keep holding this while walking with your dog, don’t you think your arm would be in pain??

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  • whoa that does look really cool… but then if it’s raining, why not just keep the pet at home? or hold it in your arms haha. but then this designer must be a person who cares about animals, which is a good thing.

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