A vege factory in Subway

[みせ]でレタスを育[そだ]てて(= to grow)サンドイッチを作[つく]るサブウェイが東京[とうきょう]にできたそうです。

A vege factory was set up in one of Subway restaurants in Tokyo this month.

 東京[とうきょう]のビジネス街[がい]、丸の内(= Marunouchi, the name of a town  in Tokyo)の中[なか]に新[あたら]しいサブウェイ・レストランがオープンします。この店[みせ]には、レタスを育[そだ]てる「植物[しょくぶつ]工場[こうじょう]」があるそうです。このNHKのウェブサイトにアクセスすると、写真[しゃしん]が見[]られます。

A newly opened Subway restaurant in Marunouchi, the Tokyo CBD has a vege factory in the shop. The plan is to grow lettuces with no spray and make sandwiches with their own grown lettuces – cannot be fresher than this! There is only one restrant having this type of facirity at the moment but the CEO of Subway Japan plans to have more in the future. This NHK news website shows a photo of their “vege factory”.
Would you like to eat the sandwiches there?

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