FREE monthly Japanese film showing – This THURSDAY

また今週[こんしゅう]の木曜日[もくようび]に日本[にほん]映画[えいが]の上映[じょうえい]があります。ただ(= free admission)です! 誰[だれ]でも来[く]ることができます! 是非[ぜひ][き]てください。

Date: Thursday 12 August 2010
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: L3
Contact: or 838-4042
Admission Free!
No booking required!
English sub-titles!
"My SecretCache" (『ひみつの花園』)
83 min.
Director: Shinobu Yaguchi
Cast: Naomi Nishida, Go Riju, Kazue Kadokae, Tae Kimura
What does it take to make someone happy? Wealth? Fame? Power?
From a young age, the only thing Sakiko Suzuki cared about was money. Naturally, her family suggested she take her passion for counting and playing with money to find a job working at a bank. But counting other people’s money just wasn’t as fun as having it herself. Bored with her job, Sakiko wishes the bank would get robbed and she could be taken as a hostage…
Shinobu Yaguchi–who directed such comedies as Water boys, Swing Girls–spins this get-rich-quick caper comedy.
Film presented by the Consulate-General of Japan, The University of Waikato, The Japan Cultural Centre, Sydney (The Japan Foundation).

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