A new 3D TV!


Toshiba, one of the major Japanese electric appliance companies announced the day before yesterday that the company would start selling new 3D TVs around the end of December this year.

NZでも、高[たか]いですが、3Dのテレビを買[]うことができますね。でも今[いま]の3Dテレビを見[]るためにはめがねを使[つか]わなければいけません。東芝[とうしば]の新[あたら]しいテレビはめがねを使[つか]わなくてもいいそうです! 今[いま]のところ、12インチのテレビ が12万円[まんえん]くらい、 20インチのテレビがが 24万円[まんえん]くらいになりそうだ、ということです。

Now we can buy 3D TVs here, in New Zealand. So why is this an exciting news?—it is because this Toshiba’s 3D TVs do not require us to wear the special glasses! You can just watch it like you watch a normal TV now! According to Asahi Shimbun Newspaper, the price would be around 120,000 yen (approximately NZ$2,000) for the 12 inch one and 240,000 yen (approximately NZ$4,000) for the 20 inch one.    

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