GOPAN: the worlds first rice bread cooker


A bread maker named “GOPAN” appeared in the market last week.

これは、SANYOという会社[かいしゃ]が作ったパン焼[]き器[]です。パン焼[]き器[]は、既[すで]にいろいろな会社[かいしゃ]が作[つく]っていますが、この「ゴパン」は普通[ふつう]のお米[こめ] (kome means uncooked rice; rice grain)からパンを焼[]くことができるそうです。日本[にほん]でも、小麦粉[こむぎこ] (= wheat flour)アレルギー(= allergy)のこどもが増[]えているので、このパン焼[]き器[]はとても注目[ちゅうもく]を浴[]びています(chumoku wo abiru means to draw attention)。既[すて]に1万[まん][だい]以上[いじょう]の(N.B. 台is a counter for small electric appliances)注文[ちゅうもん]があったそうです。

As you know, all sorts of companies nowadays sell bread makers. So what is new about this GOPAN produced by SANYO? GOPAN is, as claimed by SANYO, the world’s first rice bread maker: you can bake bread from rice grain. Quite a few children suffer from gluten allergy now in Japan as well, so GOPAN has drawn enormous attention. The company has already received more than 10,000 orders!
An ordinary bread maker apparently costs around 30,000 yen in Japan and GOPAN is about 50,000 yen (nearly NZ$ 800). But many people obviously think this is a worthwhile machine to have!
I read this news on Asahi Shibmun Newspaper last week.

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