Let’s watch “Departures”!!

We will show a brilliant film entitled "Departures" this Thursday. As usual, the admission is free and it has English sub-titles. This is the winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2008. Don’t miss it!

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FREE Monthly Japanese film showing – November 2010


Date: Thursday 11 November 2010

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: L3

Contact: athena@waikato.ac.nz or 838-4042

Website: http://www.nz.emb-japan.go.jp/auckland/culture/consulate_films.htm

Admission Free!

No booking required!

English sub-titles!





131 min.


Director : Yojiro Takita

Cast: Masahiro Motoki, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Ryoko Hirosue, Toru Minegishi, Kimiko Yo


The gift of last memories.

Academy Award® winner for Best Foreign Language Film, Departures is a delightful journey into the heartland of Japan as well an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan’s cultural heritage.

Departures follows Daigo Kobayashi, a devoted cellist in an orchestra that has just been dissolved and who is suddenly left without a job. Daigo decides to move back to his old hometown with his wife to look for work and start over. He answers a classified ad entitled “Departures” thinking it is an advertisement for a travel agency only to discover that the job is actually for a Nokanshi, a traditional funerary celebrant who prepares bodies for entry into the next life. While his wife and others despise the job, Daigo takes a certain pride in his work and begins to perfect the art of Nokanshi, acting as a gentle gatekeeper between life and death, between the departed and the family of the departed. Daigo experiences a profound and sometimes comical journey as he uncovers the wonder, joy and meaning of life and living.

Presented by The Consulate-General of Japan, The University of Waikato, The Japan Foundation and Madman Entertainment


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