A 25 yr man was rescued 4 days later!

昨日[きのう](3月15日)、地震[じしん]が起[]きてから4日後、25歳[さい]の男性[だんせい]が助[たす]けられた(= to be rescued)そうです。 

津波[つなみ]に流[なが]されて、自分[じぶん]の家[いえ]から500メートル離[はな]れた家[いえ]にたどり着[]いたそうです。足[あし]に怪我[けが]をしています(= to be injured)が、元気[げんき]だということです。このニュースは、朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]このページにあります。
A 25yr guy was rescued yesterday!—yes, he hung in there for four days.
Apparently he was at home 500 meters away from the place he was found. Tsumami pushed him and he somehow reached that house. He was injured in the leg, but apart from that he was fine. The rescue team remarked it was miracle. I read this wonderful news at this page of Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.

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