Thank you! re: the charity event

先日[せんじつ]チャリティー・神楽[かぐら]パフォーマンスのお知[]らせをしました。先週[せんしゅう]の水曜日[すいようび]にありました。お陰様[かげさま]でとてもうまくいきました。募金[ぼきん] (= donation)も600ドルくらい集[あつ]まりました。お金[かね]は既[すで]に赤十字[せきじゅうじ] (= the Red Cross)に寄付[きふ] (= to donate; to contribute)しました。ありがとうございました。

I wrote about the charity Kagura performance the other day. It took place last Wednesday (23 March 2011) and went very well. We collected around 600 dollars. The collected money has already been donated to the Red Cross. Thank you, people!
Mr Karas’s performance was really cool! If you missed the performance, please access to this page of the Waikato Times. You can see his photo. We truly appreciate Mr Karas’s generosity of giving such a fantastic performance here, at the Waikato University and helping us raise some money to support Japan and Christchurch.

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