A dog has survived for three weeks since the earthquake!

3週間[しゅうかん]屋根[やね]の上[うえ]で漂流[ひょうりゅう] (= drifting)していた犬[いぬ]が保護[ほご] (= to be captured)されました。

そして昨日[きのう]、無事[ぶじ]に飼[]い主[ぬし] (= an owner)と再会[さいかい] (= to meet again)できました。このニュースは、朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]このページで読[]むことができます。地震[じしん]の悲[かな]しいニュースが多[おお]い中[なか]の、嬉[うれ]しいニュースでした。

A missing dog in Miyagi-prefecture, one of the worst affected areas by the eathquake, was found and rejoined his owner yesterday. Apprently the dog had been drifting around on a roof in the sea for three weeks! I have no idea how he had survived.
I read this wonderful news at this page of Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.

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