Cool memo pads on your list


Do you sometimes use your hand as a convenient memo pad?

[]に書]くと忘[わす]れにくくて便利[べんり]です。でも、ちょっと恥[]ずかしい(= embarrassing)気[][]ちもあります。そんな人[ひと]にこんな商品[しょうひん] (= product)が出[]ました。商品[しょうひん]の名前[なまえ]はList-It 100と言[]います。興味[きょうみ]がある人[ひと]は、朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]このページにアクセスしてみてください。 

[ほそ]い帯[おび]のような紙[かみ]に、忘[わす]れたくないことを書[]きます。そして手首[てくび] (= wrist)につけるのです。色[いろ]がきれいだし、手[]に書[]くメモより格好[かっこう]いいですよね。この紙[かみ]、100枚[まい]で1,260円[えん]だそうです。1枚[まい]が約[やく]20セント(NZ Cent)ということですね。どうです、使[つか]ってみたいですか!?
A memo written down on your own hand constantly reminds you of things you need to remember. It is handy, but a little bit embarrassing as well. If you are one of those people, this is for you!—please access to this page of Asahi Shimbun Newspaper. If you do not understand Japanese, just have a look at photos there—you will see what this product is for. The product is named List-It 100.
You will write down whatever you want to remember on one of those slim paper and then put it on your wrist. The colours are nice and it would certainly look cooler than writing things on your hand. The price is 1,260 yen (one packet comes with 100 pieces). This means each piece costs around 20 NZ cents. Would you like to use it!?

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